Saturday, January 23, 2010

The List

  • Sew a dress that I am really proud to wear.
  • road trip out west
  • see the northern lights
  • knit a scarf
  • knit a sweater - a cool sweater ala not martha
  • "attend" martha stewart's cooking school
  • make a two-tiered red velvet cake
  • sew a quilt
  • work my way through mom's vintage sewing patterns
  • take classes in giving massage
  • furminate stan at least every week
  • design my own line of purses and handbags, sell at absolutely art
  • run a marathon
  • ride my bike from madison to williams bay, and not necessarily the return trip
  • walk all the way around lake geneva, in one day
  • make my own wine
  • brew my own beer
  • write at least one non-work related thing each week
  • learn to meditate and meditate. often.
  • get back to "skinny" weight...but this time, be skinny, happy and not stressed.
  • plan and plant a garden every year. do the most I can with the space I have
  • see sarah hammer in person at least once a year
  • have more dinner parties and gatherings with friends
  • play board games.
  • take at least one new picture every day

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